How it Works

Loki enhances the experience of both the buyer and the seller by providing an intuitive platform that conceptualizes the bitcoin market. 

(1)  Sign up - Whether you are sitting in your home or in your office,  Loki allows individuals and businesses to connect vendors with their target market.  AND IT'S FREE.  That's right, its costs you nothing to sign up, and  Loki only takes a percentage as a commission when you sell your products.

(2)  List Your Product or Service - In minutes your listing will be placed in the database and on our interactive map.1

(3)  Sit Back and Relax - Watch as your product and services are exposed to a large target market, customers who are actually looking to purchase products with bitcoin.

(4)  Get Paid - Payments are handled through PayPal or Coinbase and can be split over the duration of the contract, protecting the buyer and the seller.   Loki collects a 5% commission on payment transactions.


(1)  Advertise on Loki - If you provide a service related to advertising (i.e. Graphic Design, Type Setting, Banners, and Painting) you can purchase advertising space for $19.99, these ads will appear alongside the ad spaces for sale.

(2)  Purchase Premium Ads that will be displayed on our splash page and guarantee visibility.