What does RMAS do?

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For Traditional Advertising, Many Still in the Dark Ages

Advertising has a long history that has evolved over time.  Yet some concepts never change.  Take for example a 2,000 year old ad in Asia Minor.  At first glance the drawing of a foot with a heart and a picture of a women next to it seems about as clairvoyant as a game of Pictionary depicting a Pablo Picasso painting.

But to sailors on shore leave in Ancient Ephesus, it was clear message to follow your heart and you’ll find the women of your desires.  In other words, directions to a brothel and confirming that advertising can only be the world’s second oldest profession.  Yes, some things really never change.

Despite the improvements of technology, many of those in “conventional” or “traditional” advertising still have not expanded to the internet.  The reasons are simple, they reflect a generational gap.  As it turns out, those selling traditional advertising, are well, traditional.  There is still a segment of people not familiar with computers and do not use the internet on a regular basis.  In fact, over a third of people in the United States do not access broadband, and about 30 percent never use the internet anywhere.

With numbers like these, it’s easy to imagine someone owning an outdoor billboard or storefront, who has never thought about advertising online, or simply cannot.  And while a service like RentMyAdSpace.com (“RMAS”) will not induce people to use the internet, it will be helpful to people who do not have the resources, time, or energy to focus on online advertising.  Not everyone is familiar with web design, and with a service like RMAS they don’t need to be.

RentMyAdSpace.com is an intuitive service geared toward the buying and selling of ads online.  RMAS current focus is conventional and traditional advertising such as billboards, car wraps, newspapers, benches, and storefronts to name a few.  There are even categories for apps, websites, and blogs.

Inventory listed on the site appears as a pin, once the prospective buyer places a cursor near the pin, a box pops up displaying the ad.  The buyer can click on the ad and place a bid which is then forwarded to the seller.  The seller can choose to close out the bid.

The entire payment process is handled through PayPal.  For companies that do not have PayPal, or use the internet, RMAS lists their ads and handle the payments themselves, allowing the company to “cash out” their earnings.  These “unplugged” companies are contacted directly through brochures and telephone.

Another intuitive feature allows for services, such as graphic design companies, to purchase ad space next to the ad listing.  Imagine a prospective buyer purchasing a billboard and seeing a complimentary ad.

RMAS is planning to incorporate additional features, such as a company page and a public “cash out” option.  No doubt this will appeal to entrepreneurs and business owners who might not be tech savvy but desire to have their products showcased on the web.

By combining intuitive features available on the internet with direct interaction with companies that remained unplugged, RMAS aims to bridge the gap between traditional advertisers and the internet, as well as offering something for companies who may already have an online presence.

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