There’s a Zucker born everyday: Facebook may aquire Opera for over $1Billion

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A Zucker is Born Everyday….

(All Links SFW, unless you live in Silicon Valley)

Chicago (My Mom’s Basement) – Rumors on the interwebs places potential interest that Facebook may aquire Opera (the Web Browser not this). Both have the dubious distinction of being over priced.

It would be a good move. Failbook has had problems corning the ad market in relation to mobile technology. Suckerburg’s investment video (lol, here is the real video) makes it clear his number one priority is to build the biggest Massive Online Multiplayer and not generate ad revenue. Anyone who has taken Home Economics 101 knows that Businesses need to make money. And Social Networking sites do it through advertising.

So far the company’s main asset has been the over valuation provided by Chase, it’s lawyers, and the greedy investors on the top of the pyramid scheme.  Unfortunately the vicious cycle of speculation is driving Opera’s valuation up as well.  Monopoly money is only good when playing the investment bubble game and now it’s time to put-up or shut up.

Not that it wouldn’t (double negative alert) be a good idea to aquire Opera who makes various web browsers that work across an array of platforms including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. Surely it would be sensible, more so than Facebook’s purchase of Instagram to acquire a web browsing company. It would increase the number of mobile app developers and add 200 million users, from places like Asia, Africa, India and Brazil (where Facebook isn’t as popular).

My problem with this is (1) Why didn’t Facebook move to acquire this company sooner (2) Why doesn’t Facebook try to develop it’s own browser technology (3) How much ad revenue does Facebook expect to generate in Africa, Brazil, or China?

Interesting questions, we’ll shall wait and see.



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